Reincarnation, you might have heard about this term a lot. it is a mythological term, The word reincarnation derives from a Latin term that literally means ‘entering the flesh again’, Reincarnation, also known as rebirth or transmigration, is the philosophical or religious concept that the non-physical essence of a living being begins a new life in a different physical form or body after biological death.

The theory of reincarnation is as fascinating as it sounds, though it’s not scientifically proven yet, but there are many cases that proves the existence of reincarnation.

one of them is:

The Case of Purnima Ekanayake

Erlendur Haraldsson, a psychology professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Iceland, looked into the odd case of Purnima Ekanayake, a young woman who allegedly employed as an incense maker and died in a car accident.

In September 1996, Professor Erlendur Haraldsson saw Purnima for the first time in her house in Bakamuna, a small Sri Lankan town in the district of Polunnaruwa. Purnima was nine years old at the time. She was still discussing her past life at that age, which was unique because most kids cease doing this at the age of five or six. Her parents claim that she began discussing her previous lives when she was just three years old. When Purnima was 4 years old, she claimed to be familiar with the Kelaniya Temple, which is a Buddhist pilgrimage site in Sri Lanka and is located 145 kilometres from Bakamuna. The girl and her parents visited a few days later.

Purnima’s conversations were increasingly strange as she began to mention having a second mother and a second father who worked in an incense plant. She also mentioned a tragic incident involving a Zoku (a kind of bus). Purnima’s parents paid little heed to the weird “statements” since they assumed their daughter was merely intelligent and imaginative.

At the age of 6 years, Purnima realized that her mother was sad about a car accident that had occurred near the house in which one person died. So she tried to comfort her mother saying:

“Don’t worry about that, I’ve come here after an accident.”

Her parents, surprised, concluded that her daughter seemed to have memories of another person, or more specifically, from a past life.

Erlendur Haraldsson spent three years looking into Purnima’s allegations. His research methods included speaking with each of the witnesses both collectively and individually. Purnima’s memories of her prior life indicated that she had once been a guy. He was employed at an incense manufacturer and was familiar with the Ambiga name. She said that he was the family’s top incense manufacturer. He was also declared dead by the following statements: “I was hit by a bus,” “A piece of iron was in my body,” and “After the accident, I merely closed my eyes and arrived here.”

A family acquaintance, Professor Sumanasiri, who lived near the area where Purnima claimed to have lived, decided to investigate and found the alleged previous family of the girl. The Professor knew:

* She lived across the river from Kelaniya Temple
* The company manufactured Ambiga incense and Gita Pichcha
* She sold incense on a bicycle
* She had a fatal accident with a larger vehicle

Sumanasiri used this information to start his investigation. He enquired as to whether any nearby incense factories were known by the people. There were three, each a tiny family-run enterprise. Sumanarisi was shocked to learn that Ambiga was a manufacturer of Geta Pichcha and incense. Sumanarisi approached the proprietor of the factory, La Wijisiri, pretending to be a buyer of incense and starting to ask him some questions. In the course of the talk, Wijisiri mentioned that his brother Jinadasa had perished in a collision with a bus in September 1985, two years prior to the birth of Purnima, while transporting incense from a market on a bicycle.

Sumanarisi informed Purnima’s father of his discoveries when he came back. The young child, her parents, and Sumanasiri unexpectedly paid a visit to the Wijisiri family a week and a half later. Purnima first saw the two daughters of Wijisiri when the group arrived at his home, who had arrived a little later.When Wijisiri entered the house, the little girl looked up and said:

“This is my brother.”

Wijisiri requested everyone to go since he did not appreciate the visit, much less having a conversation with Purnima. However, Purnima immediately began discussing incense, how it was made, and inquired about the packages of incense produced by the family.

“Have you changed the packages?” Said Purnima.

Wijisiri kept quiet. The colour and layout of the packaging were altered by Wijisiri following the passing of his brother Jinadasa. Purnima enquired about his knee as well. Jinadasa cared for Wijisiri when he was involved in an accident and shattered his knee.

“How is Somasiri and Padmasiri?” Said Purnima.

Jinadasa’s closest buddies were Padmasiri and Somasiri. As the discussion progressed, everyone gasped as Wijisiri grew certain that something amazing had occurred: Purnima was Jinadasa’s reincarnation.

On her lower chest, Purnima was born with noticeable birthmarks. When Jinadasa and Purnima’s family first met, the girl spoke about these marks and said that the wheels had gone over her left side and chest.

Purnima Wijisiri stated, “This was the mark that I acquired after being hit by the bus.” Jinadasa had suffered fatal wounds on the left side, directly below the chest, as Wijisiri was aware of. Even though Jinadasa passed almost instantaneously, his other brother Chandradasa informed the family that Jinadasa’s lower ribs appeared to be trying to escape after noticing the severe damage to the left side of his chest.

The two families were totally cut separated from one another and were among the case’s most important aspects. From the events that took place in the life of Jinadasa, who passed away two years before the beginning of Purnima, fourteen of seventeen matched assertions were discovered and examined. Purnima’s birthmarks matched the location of Jinadasa’s fatal wounds. The girl also knew how to make incense, which was really remarkable for a young girl. In general, the situation of Purnima Ekanayake is highly rare due to all these factors, including memories, birthmarks, and self-knowledge.


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